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The saag list has a thread discussing “SHA-1 to SHA-n transition”, with all the expected bumps, wrinkles, and sad realities. But entertaining and thoughtful. My favorite comment at the moment is one of Peter Gutmann’s:

It looks like we’re nowhere near admitting that we have a
problem yet if the response to the failure of PKI is PKI-me-harder.

It’s a little like the problem of building a boat in your basement, and then seeing you can’t get it out. Is this a design issue, a deployment issue, or have we fundamentally misunderstood the project? (Once you add local zoning and construction regulations, it’s not long before you wish you’d never started this damn boat.)


Why I’m not worried about Apple’s Succession plans

No one disputes Steve Jobs’ talent for conveying information to an audience. His understanding/prediction of Apple’s customer base and business environment is legendary.

He’s a public relations wizard. He communicates brilliantly with his audience. (and please note that Pundits are just not his audience.)

Consider: The next person to lead Apple will be Steve Jobs’ final product rollout.

Steve Jobs’ Final Product Rollout.

Do people really think he hasn’t thought about that? Do people really think he would be ok with, “Yes, Steve was great, but he really borked that succession thing.”

Be serious now.

I hope Steve Jobs has a chance to relax and recover on his sabbatical, and comes back healthy, happy, and brimming with new energy and new ideas. But when he is ready to retire, or is hit by a truck, I fully expect that a detailed set of plans, scripts, and storyboards will magically appear on the iPhones of Apple Board Members. I expect his final show for Apple to be expertly produced.

“Go Thee Forth and Spread The Word.”

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