This is a place where I talk a bit. What I talk about is bound to change, may or may not make sense, and is offered without any warranty of usability. Some smaller parts may present a choking hazard of sorts, and so small children and narrow minds should proceed only under adult supervision.

What’s with the name? Well…

“The secret of Soto Zen is just two words: not always so.”
Shunryu Suzuki

Probably one of my favorite zen quotes, and as clever and true a statement about reality as anyone might like. We’re just wired to try to capture, stabilize, and control our little worlds. It never works for long, and when it seems to be working, it’s often just that we’re pretending Extra Hard.

Everything changes… Just watch and you’ll see.

Bob is was President of Zanshin Security, a Boston-based consulting and research firm. Much of the past year or so was spent trying to help one of the more Clever parts of the Internet create and maintain a worthy security architecture. Bob is once again looking for the next Very Interesting Thing To Do.

Prior to Zanshin, Bob worked at MIT, where he created and led MIT’s Network Security Team. Bob is active in in a number of security-related organizations, and often gives presentations on security and privacy. He has been known to start such presentations with his ACLU card taped to his forehead, particularly when the room contains Lawyers, Cops, or Spooks.

Current professional interests include finding new approaches to technical innovation and creativity, and managing the tension between security and privacy in system design and public policy.

Personal interests include cats, wilderness, the nature of mind and reality, and wondering just where the hell my car keys are.


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