Headline of the Day

Drug Made In Milk of Altered Goats Is Approved
(Bonus weird humor points, if you’ve seen Altered States)

Rabbits would breed faster and cows would produce more milk, but Newberry said goats offered the largest supply at the quickest pace.

(We milk Rabbits?)

Stephen Fry recently noted how language merely as a communication tool would make life dull and one-dimensional. We’d miss interesting ideas.

We would never notice if the fat and protein rich food with which cows, ewes and nanny goats suckled their young could not be converted to another, firmer foodstuff that went well with crackers and grapes.

(His idea has several features, now including being rather less spooky than milking drugs from goats)


3 responses to “Headline of the Day

  1. I’d like to announce the opening of my new establishment “The Korova Milk Bar” where you “pump your own goat” for milk laced with anything from libido enhancers to mild euphorics. It’s…….not….baaaaadd

  2. ………… it’s just genetically mean……….

  3. I’d forgotten the movie reference, and my quick search turned up a reminder, as well as a link to the bar in White Plains…

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