Stephen Fry

Stephen Fry is hilarious, even although it’s hard to detect anything like a “joke” per se. And he’s all over this Internet stuff… His enthusiastic explanation of Twitter for the BBC is pretty funny, including the dangers of in-flight tweets, and the occasional lapses into “savage banality”.

He’s like a Python for the Internet age.

He has a great podcast, at least based on my having listened to the first episode. (“Busy man travels and breaks arm, feels both immediately and meta-miserable, describing both the pain and the relative unimportance of it, in a world going to hell in a hand basket”)

What do you call someone who, as he speaks, is having sex with language in his mind? Mr. Fry seems to be flirting with some internal thesaurus-self, making occasional asides to this invisible audience of one. This gives the narrative a lovely, wandering quality that is highly entertaining, particularly if you are someone who has (“struggles with”) a tangent-rich internal dialogue.



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