You know why I can’t keep up?

Because almost every day, I have some idea that will take a WEEK to implement, or flesh out, or make understandable to others. Some days (like today) I can’t even finish writing an idea DOWN, before an equally good (and equally compelling) idea arises.

This makes my hands hurt. Particularly since when I’m not writing, I’m gesturing wildly at no one in particular.

You know the “oracle” people, in the special bathtubs in Minority Report They just lay there saying odd things, and there’s this special team, with Jet Packs, no less, that runs out and just DEALS WITH IT.

Sweet job! (As long as I get to come out of the tub now and then.)

I miss having Minions. Working at MIT, I was one of the few people who seemed to truly grasp the potential in having the really high-end minions. My minions kicked ass.

Minions, I salute you, wherever you may be!


2 responses to “You know why I can’t keep up?

  1. Hi Bob,
    You describe a situation some what similar to mine. I have real work to do and I keep getting distracted with things popping up in my head now and then.

    I thought I figured out a solution, when I started an idealog with a desktop wiki and start jotting down the idea with some brief contextual information. But instead of solving the problem it created another. Now I have a big list and don’t even have time to go back and update them.

    My current path to a possible solution is to put them in a blog called idealog ( and give them out as student projects. I just started it a couple of days ago. I need to move my wiki stuff to this blog. If anyone is interested in refining these ideas or implementing them I will be happy to help.

    But some are not really student projects. I am still figuring out what to do about that. Fortunately I have my own little company and when I am not working for a living, I go around talking to students – my current past time.

  2. I’ve tried a number of mechanisms, and while I’m making some progress, it’s slow…

    Right now I’m alpha testing the Omni Group’s ( new “OmniFocus” Getting things Done app. (Mac product, and currently, I’m pretty happy with it.)

    The David Allen gtd system seems to have something to offer if you deal with any level of ADD or just info overload. I find that when I’m good about it, gathering up all my ideas, projects, and to-dos in one *known* place, really is a stress reducer.

    Like you, a run a company, but also do other things that generate stuff I need to remember or deal with. Some days it’s daunting to have many equally needy, equally interesting things to be done. The back-end prioritizing is where the hard work is… (as in, two items, both interesting, but one is due soon. It isn’t always easy to choose the right one… :-)

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